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Why Do Dogs Like Balls So Much?

The connection between balls and dogs is so common. Every single person getting started with
dog petting knows this fact. For the beginner petting kits, balls are an essential. It helps to keep
the dogs engaged for a long time. If you want to gift something special to a pet lover, then other
than dog acrylic painting, you can gift them many balls. The dogs massively use this one
commodity in general.
Since we all know that dogs loves balls, but a few of us know the real reasons behind it. Here are
some facts that you would like to know about this theory.

The chew practice
Not all the dogs love to have chewing toys some of them prefer balls for chewing practice. The
balls have multiple ranges and material options. You can pick up the balls according to your dog
breed, age and teeth capacity. If the teeth are sharp and prick of your well-grown dog, then you
cannot have soft rubber or silicon balls for sure. Remember, you can help your dog with some
chewing toys of ball shape as a better teeth practice. It will be safe and convenient for them at the
same time.

Survival tactics
Dogs are keen to survival tactics as it is in their nature. We know them to be hard and tough at
times. Moreover, these are responsive too. In the natural environment, a dog has so many things
to manage. However, in domestic environment, when everything is readily available, it is hard to
make activity. In the case of balls, they have a chance to practice some of survival tactics.
Saving, searching and getting something back. It keeps them motored for the specific activity
they are supposed to do at times. Moreover, such acts are fascinating for pet artist to create
some hand painted dog portraits in action.

Chasing and catching
Another trait that we know about dogs is their will to chase and catch. In many departments,
specifically police and security dogs are helpful to chase. In natural environment, a dog has to
run for his prey. The ball throwing and chasing gives the similar feel to the dog. It is ore about
practicing the natural phenomenon. Dogs loves balls and running after them because it is in their
genes. They like to grab what is running away from them. It is more of a controlling trait to get
the hold of overall situation and keeping a check on the things.

Make them feel good
Keeping your dog in a closed environment indoor is not a good idea. It leaves a bad impression
on his mind. The critical pet artist often draws dog portraits showing their depression due to no
activity. Most of the pet animals have to face issues with their environment and activity. It is
because their guardians are not taking care of them. With balls, dogs feel good because it keeps
them active and happy. When a dog is in continuous activity, things are going great for him. If
there is no activity that exerts energy, the dog will be dull and depressing as well.

The best engagement
When you are getting started with petting and do not have any idea about how to start with it
then balls are the best mate. Dogs love balls because these are engaging. They can feel
something is running away and they have to get it back. Moreover, it improves their ability to be
conscious about their master. It develops a habit in your dog to take care of your stuff. Whenever
you will drop something, the dog will get that back for you.
Normally, if you are unable to take your dog to specific activity area, you have the option to use
just balls. Keep throwing them far away and the dog will get them back. With the regular
activity, you can keep your pet dog active.

Feels natural to them
The ball activity is all natural activity for the dogs. When you cannot offer the high-end activity
exposure to your pet dog. It is feasible to use the smart setup with balls at home and make it a
natural activity zone for them.

Use the behavior for training
It is helpful to use the ball throwing and fetching behavior for training purpose. You will be able
to make a smart move with the activity. Use it as a reward game that will attract your pet dog to
perform well. When you are on way to make your pet learn something new. It will be a
supportive behavior that helps. All you need is to divide the activity in different sections. Every
time your pet fetch you the ball, you need to give a reward for sure. The reward game encourage
your pet dog to follow the leads and bring you ball back.

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