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What to Say When Someone Loses a Pet

For the pet lovers, their pets are not just domestic animals but family members. They treat them
just like family, kids and partners. Moreover, these pets have a strong association and interaction
with the family members as well. Having pet photographs in the house and treating them with
surprises is common. People care for their pets just the way they care for any other family
It is a continuous exchange of emotions, love and affection. Losing a pet is just like losing a
family member for a person. The domestic animal is not just living in the house but has been a
part of everyone’s life. When a pet is gone, there is a hollow space in the family, home and heart
as well. For the pet lovers, it is hard to deal with the loss and they feel broken.
Unfortunately, we cannot console enough a person at the loss of his or her pet. It seems a reality
that we all understand but unable to do anything in this regard. Here are some things that you can
say to someone at this time.

Select your words carefully
For condolence, you have only words to share with the person. Remember, you need to select
your word carefully be keeping his or her sentiments in mind. The use of random and harsh
words can cause them more grief. You need to show your sympathy and try to share their

Be empathetic
Sympathy is not enough to be good with sharing the grief with a pet lover. You need to be
empathetic as well. It is more like sharing the same feeling and understands the situation. The
other person will feel connected to you and light on. Showing such gesture is important as it lets
the other person do not lose heart too much. You can share your loss if you ever had or your fear
of losing your pet so it makes the other person let express his or her emotions.

Understand the emotions
It is not necessary that everyone love pets and domestic animals with the same scale. There are
people who love animals more. On the other hand, some people do not love them but care for
them. No matter what is your emotional state, whether you like to have custom pet portraits in

your house or not. When a person lost his or her pet, you need to understand the emotions. It is
possible they want to display their horse portrait in its memory. You need to respect the emotion
and be the part of their decision at time. There is nothing wrong in it if someone is expressive
about these feelings and showing such gestures.

Mention the good memories

To make the person feel good, you can mention and rejoice some of the good memories.
Sometimes remembering the good times pet lovers had with their pet makes them strong and
better. You can watch the watercolor dog portrait with them. Remembering the struggle to have
the specific dog or cat as a pet and all the fun with it. These memories are attached to many
incidents. It lets them feel a little relaxed and they will be zoned out for sure. Sharing the
memories can be emotional, but it will exert all the grief at a time. Eventually, the whole
scenario can benefit the other person.

Value the pet that passed away

At the time of loss, all you need is to focus that you will not hurt the person at all. Valuing the
pet and its memories is the best thing you can do. Make sure the other person realize that you
loved the pet. It is not about faking your concern but understanding the emotions. The domestic
animal was a living being and had a life for sure. It deserves to have a protocol and sorrow after
it is gone. The pet always have been spreading love and happiness with all its activities and
engagements. Right after it is gone, it is important to remember all those best memories.

A picture works better

When you are not too good with words, then a dog portrait painting can sort out the issues. Gift
the person a perfect portrait of his or her pet. It is a memory that you can give and value to the
pet as well. They will love to have their loved pet in the memories always. Having the portrait or
painting on the wall will keep the memories alive. They will love their pet even after it is gone.

Bring a new partner

If you care for the loss so much, then bringing a new partner to the person is a nice gesture.
Although, a new pet cannot replace the older one, but it will fill up the space. Eventually, the
person will have a help to relief sorrow and get back to life.
You can always contact to have some of the amazing custom pet portraits.
They offer you the unmatched services. These portraits and paintings are a perfect condolence
gift for the pet lovers on their loss. Moreover, it grows your love for pets as well.

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