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Top 10 cutest dog breeds

Like other pet animals, dog is also everyone’s favorite pet animal. It is very difficult to select the
one favorite dog breed, because every dog is friendly and loyal to owner. On a hectic day, you
pet dog can help you to relax and control anxiety issues, blood pressure and panic attacks as
well. Also, provide an unbelievable quantity of happiness and enjoyment and make your life
healthier. The ranking of the cutest dog breed is very complicated because every single one
deserves number one among dogs. Here are the some cutest dogs breed are given below.

1. Australian cattle dog

The average weight of this breed is almost 35 to 50 pounds. They are very good-natured,
friendly, active, and alert. They want a lot of exercise and workout and sheds. When you give
challenged physically, mentally, or both then this breed feels very happy and pleased. In this
breed, some dogs are bored and create difficulties for you. On the other hand, they are calm,
faithful, and loving. You can also make a watercolor pet portrait of your dog and give it as a
gift to dog lovers.

2. Beagle

The extra-large size and soft ears, craving look, and a tri-color coat make them very beautiful.
The small size pup is always live in a good mood and ready to dance. In ancient times they
recognize as hunting dogs but know they make their place the most famous breed among pets.
The training of these dogs are very complicated and all the time they crying and barking. The
weight of this is 20 to 30 pounds. They can easily ramble so a strong chain or rope must put in
his neck. You can easily make a pastel portrait of a dog and then hang on the wall.

3. American Eskimo
They are famous due to their white and fluffy fur. The eye edges and black noses increase their
beauty. The average weight is around 25 to 35 pounds. They need much care and attention and in
return, they give loyalty and love. They are very clever, intelligent, kind, and playful pups. When
there are children in your house then they are not perfect for the household. They are known as
stunt dogs because they walk across the rope first time. There are many dog photo studio which
captures your dog photo and to see the picture you can always remember your pet.

4. Australian shepherd

To keep this extremely old variety glad require a lot of activity and mental incitement. They
carry many good characteristics like they are very smart, energetic, and intelligent. The
Australian Shepherd is recognized for its twofold layer coat and medium-length. The grinning
and energetic expression of ears that simply ask for a scratch. Because of his faithfulness and
excitement, this breed is easily trained and easily makes an extraordinary family pet. The normal
weight is 40 to 65 pounds.

5. Basset Hound

In past, it is known as hunting buddy. But now they are recognized for long ear and amazing
expression and both things increase the charm and beauty. The normal weight of this breed is 40
to 65 pounds. The expressive eyes of this can easily fool you. The training of these breeds also
very challenging. This breed is friendly, active, tolerant, and calm. They can easily live with
other pets and children.

6. Bernese mountain dog

It is famous for its tricolor spot, friendly look, calm and strong structure. The average weight is
70 to 115 pounds. The large size shows that they are very aggressive but it is not correct. They
are very loving and comparatively low protection required. They can relax you with the burden
of work and make you happy and glad. The pet photo art is very difficult but who cares the pet
easily makes the sketches and photos of their pets.

7. Boston terrier

The weight is 12 to 25 pounds. They are the perfect pet for those who make the first time dog
owner. But they face breathing problems due to its plane face. The friendly, charming, and
playful personality and a high level of energy make them a very good companion. It is perfect for
the household. To show that what happens in your life when adopting a dog is easily describe by
the pet illustration.

8. Bichon Frise

They are the cutest and loveable dog breed in the world. The characteristic include in this is
joyful, attractive, playful, intelligent, and entertainer. They also play a role in circus dog and road
performer. The weight of this is 7 to 12 pounds. They look like a soft cotton ball. They want
some people around them. Need more time for grooming.

9. Brussels griffon

This breed is smart, bossy, sensitive, energetic, and friendly. The weight is 7 to 12 pounds. They
own confidence like a big dog and easily make a strong bond with their owner. The training in
the house is very difficult. They bark a lot. Many artists make a cheap dog portrait so you can
easily make your pet portrait to show love for the dog.

10. Chihuahua

The weight of this is 3 to 6 pounds. They show confidence, loving, alert, and friendly behavior.
Easily make a strong connection with one person. Playful and fearless words are mostly used to
describe these tiny pups. They are prone to shaking, unfriendly with the new person, hard to
house-train. The kids how to love the dog also make wonderful sketches of pets.

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