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Can Cats and Dogs See Color?

Vision is one of the important factors that make things clear and believable as well. We all love
to see new things and blessed with a clear color vision. Many of the pet lovers are curious to
know about whether cats and dogs see colors or not. We have seems many times in videos that
cats and dogs react to different things and actions differently. It is because of a variation in their
vision. If you place a cat portrait in front of a cat, it will be hard for it to see all colors.
However, the familiar face can be identical and cause a familiarity.
When it is about the vision and ability to see colors in dogs and cats, here are some things you
need to understand.

Difference of eye structure
The eye structure of dogs and cats is different from human eye structure. Even in the pet
drawings, you can observe that pet artist draw the eye differently. It is because these are
different, not in just appearance but internal structure as well. Internally, in a human eye, there
are three-color cones, red, blue and green. These three basic RGB cones let you to see all colors.
When light pass though out lens, these cones helps to segregate all colors and clear the vision. In
case of cats and dogs, the eye structure is different. They only have two color cones and that are
blue and green. They are able to see the shades of blue and green and unable to identify red. It is
not just about one red color but all relevant shades as well.
It is exciting to note that for pets, any shade of red is grey or color less. They do not have a
familiarity with the colors of danger at all. They are pretty much familiar with green and blue
along with their shade family. If you are trying to get advance with the custom pet painting and
train your pet for painting, it will not be possible. Your dog or cat will not be able to use all the
colors efficiently so you may have a little disappointment sometimes.

Shape recognition
When pets do not have the clear color vision, then you are curious about their vision.
Fortunately, the pets are able to see the shapes clearly. For them, color recognition is not a
problem at all. They are good with the vision and shape recognition. In their daily routine, the
pets are used to observe the shapes. These shapes help them to remember the things and follow
them as well.
When training your cats or dogs, it is necessary to start with the objects and shapes. The
specialist recommends you to focus on the object colors and pick up blue, green and yellow most

of the times. It makes their shape recognition easier. They are able to learn fast and response
quick to your actions and instructions in this case. Using any shade of red will not help you that
much and the pet may give you a slow response.

Reactions to light

Another important sensation cats and dogs have is the reactions to light. In many of the cat
portraits by pet artists, you can observe these reactions. The pet artists make sure to focus on
their traits and actions. In these beautifully painted custom pet portraits, the artists try to focus
the best of activities and actions. Moreover, in the digital videos, you will be able to observe the
pet’s reaction to light.
Professionals suggest you to use the red light at night when you do not want your pet to mess
around. In the red light, the pet can only see the grey areas. It is all dark and black and white for
your cat and dog. At this time, if it is necessary, your pet will follow the light but cannot roam
around to make a mess.

The reason to love park

If you always wonder why your dog or cat is excited about parks and outdoor walks then here is
the answer. Even your pets love colors and when they want to see some brightness, they pull you
towards parks. In parks, your pet can see all the greenery and have the fresh air. It put a positive
impact on the health and psychology of your pet.
Along with the human beings, for cats and dogs, greenery and lush green color in parks is an
attraction. It is not just soothing but impressive as well. Some things are not just about needs and
necessities. These are connected to the evolution and overall mechanism. Pets need to have the
pleasant colors around and they ask for these colors.
Remember to avoid the collection of red color for your cats or dogs. Even if you are getting a
custom pet painting then make sure to avoid the touch of red in there. Keep it bright and
appealing for your pet.

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