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7 Places in Your Home That You Can Use Pet Art

When having a pet in the house is not just enough for you, then it is necessary to take a step forward. If
you consider your pet as a family member, then you need to give it the same treatment as well. Having
royal pet portraits in the house at multiple points will show your love and affection for the pet. It is
necessary for you to place the pet art at the ideal locations where you can see and appreciate them.
Moreover, the guests coming to your house will be aware of your pets and their importance. Following
are the seven places in your house that you can use for the pet art.

Welcome board

Welcome board of the house is one of the prominent and important places of your house. It is a point of
declaration in the house. You can announce the presence of family members and our pets in there. It is
possible to add your dog’s name on the welcome board or place a separate board for your pet there. The
etsy pet portraits can be the part of welcome board or you can just use the animated boards at a time. At
this important point, you can make a visible appearance of your pet for the guests coming to your place.

Corridors or walkways

The second location of the house where you can use the pet art is the corridors or walkways. For the pet
lovers, there are no specific sections of the houses to flaunt their love. However, to keep the interior
coordinated and sane for everyone you need to focus on a few things. It is possible to hang renaissance
pet portraits in your corridor. If you do not want to place the portraits of your pet, then you can place the
framings of pet loving quotes. It gives another impression of love. Using these tools, you are not just
making your house pet friendly but making is a home for them as well.

Family photo walls

For all the family members, family photo walls are important. They deserve to have a space in the wall
among everyone. When you love your pet to an extent and consider is your family member then a royal
pet portrait is necessary. You can keep it original by placing the family photo with dog or the pet you
have. It will be a sweet gesture and a great memory for you. According to your preferences, you can even
go for the photo lapse of your pet. Make a trail of growth in pictures of your pet to mention its importance
in your life.

Vanity shelves

The next spot in the list is your vanity shelves. When you are crazy in love, then pacing small photos on
vanity is normal. There is a possibility to have etsy pet portraits in small frames or the printed mugs and
more. It is all about creating a comfortable zone for you. You want to keep your lovely pet around you
and it is the best option to take on when you want something special. All you need is to exchange the
regular items of your vanity shelf with the customized options.

Living room couch

No necessarily, you need to put the Oil dog painting in your house. There are other options of pet
art to flourish your home. For the living room, other than walls, you couch and its cushions are a
better canvas. You can get the custom printed cushions and even paint them well with your pet
dog. The pet artist can help you with the formation of a perfect portrait on cushion cover. The
idea will reflect in your house with a different approach and makes it more appealing at the same
time. You will have something else than just walls around you to show your love for pets.

Key stands

Another thing that involves your walls but do not involve Dog paintings colorful. It involves the
key stand, an ornament that seems a utility as well. There are numerous pet art key stands
available for pet lovers in the market. You can pick up a favorite one that suits your requirement
and style. It is not hard to find the best one. Even you can have the custom printed key stand with
your pet’s portrait on it. That is even better when you have all the points for customization

Indoor planters

Planters are in important part of your house. It is not necessary to put the pet art on your huge
planters. In fact, you can get mini planters inspires by pet animals. These are not only cute but
also attractive at the same time. You have the opportunity to settle your mini plants in these
planters easily. Keep them in your kitchen, vanity, and living room, study table, dressing station
and other places easily.

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