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10 surprising backyard dangers that could harm your pet

What would be most likely the fear of a pet parent? A sudden and uninvited misfortune that can
harm their beloved pets, cat, or dog. Being extremely careful, you have taken care of every minor
detail that can ever put your pets in danger. Still, there are many things that are so usual and you
have no idea how much they can badly affect your cats or dogs.

Your house back yard is one of those usual places where you become a little careless about your
pet. On the other hand, it's mostly a favorite spot for your little pet. Their joyful activity is to
roam around and to play there in the backyard garden. Beware of danger that can be lurking
through your house’s commonplaces. Some surprising backyard dangers that can harm your
pet is listed below.

1.     Unknown Flowers or herbs
The backyard garden is all about pretty flowers and plants. And the danger is almost like hiding
in beautiful places. You have no idea some of these flowers can badly affect your pets. Like
some daffodils, lily flowers, autumn crocus, tulips are toxic plants for cats and dogs. Upon eating
such plants, diarrhea, vomit, stomach upset, or may lead to an allergic reaction to your pet. The
solution is to keep pets under observation so they don’t have any chance to wander around where
such plants are.
2.     Gardening tools
The pets wandering freely in the garden can encounter gardening tools such as shovels, knives,
clippers, shears, etc. and the danger that is supposed to happen upon dealing with such tools, you
can imagine on your own.  First, these tools should be kept away in a safe place and if
unfortunately, you had forgotten to place them elsewhere, chances are your pet at the time of
playing with these tools can bleed themselves.
3.     Wooden planks
Pets need something to play with. Usually, wooden sticks and planks small in size are favorite
objects of such type to play or to hang with. But the chances are your pet would try to bite off
swallow these wooden sticks and this can cause serious issues upon engulfment like stomach
distress. In that case, your pet needs immediate medical care.

4.     Pesticides
Garden without pests, unimaginable. Pesticides to deal with such unwanted insects are the only
solution. These pesticides bearing poisonous chemicals can almost kill your pet. Probably the
mouth of your pet covered with a mask is the best solution when your backyard garden needs
pesticide treatment. So you need to follow strict precautionary measures before and after
applying chemicals in your garden.
5.     Fences
The pets trying to play with fences built in your backyard, either wooden or made of any other
metal, can harm themselves. Like cuts and bruises while crossing the fences. It may seem
harmless, but a fence could be dangerous if there are metal spikes that can cause injury to your
6.     Blazing sun
On hot summer days, your pets all day long in the burning sun can get sick at a serious level like
sunstroke, burn, and shock. You need to build a shade for your cat or dog under.
7.     Uninvited animals and reptiles
Damp places are safe habitat for snakes, spiders, scorpions, and many other reptiles to hide. Your
pet searching and wandering in the garden can come across these dangerous reptiles. Pet can
engulf them or these animals can hurt your pet by their bite or sting. Their poison could be fatal
for pets. Beware of such danger.
8.     Snail or slug bait
Snails, slugs, or moths are uninvited guests in the garden. Attempting to get rid of them can put
your pet in danger. As if you have used any sort of bait and your pet has eaten them. These
toxic chemicals are powerful enough to destroy the internal system of pets. In that case,
professional help is sought instantly.
Or as a precautionary measure, lock up your pet when you are supposed to treat your garden with
bait and chemicals. Do not allow them to enter garden premises or involve them in some other
kind of activities rather than playing and staying in the yard.


 9. Fruit-bearing plants
Keep pets away from fruit-bearing plants in a season when fruits are ripe and are near to fall?
Wind or simply gravity can cause the fall of these fruits right on your pet and if the fruit is heavy
in size, it can bring forth the harsh wound.
10. Organic fertilizers
For vegetation growth, organic fertilizers are a must-have treatment. Several fertilizers having
nitrogenous chemicals are unsafe and hazardous for pets. Pets having the habit of digging,
smelling, and putting anything in the mouth can lead them to eat those fertilizers. That could
cause gastrointestinal distress to pets and even worse to that.

Closing words
Your backyard that you suppose a safe place for your child like a pet, could turn into an unsafe
spot. Keep following Max and Milow to stay in touch with tips and precautionary measure for
your pet safety and health
Stay aware of the dangers around your pet instead of ignoring them. With the knowledge of what
could be a possible encounter, you can save your pet from harm. Knowing the danger is knowing
the solution. Keep your pet safe and sound with our guidelines that are specifically for your pet’s

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